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“Our strength lies in the four core values on which our school stands. We resurrect these values in the heart and mind of every Kalashetrian”


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creative class

Creative Class

Discover transformative benefits in our Creative Class! Enhance problem-solving, boost confidence, and foster innovation. Develop critical thinking, improve communication, unleash unique talents, and unlock your boundless potential. Explore boundless creativity with us, opening doors to endless possibilities for growth and self-expression.
summer camp

Summer Camp

A Gateway to Unforgettable Experiences! Engage in diverse activities, form lasting friendships, and boost confidence. Discover leadership skills, unearth hidden talents, and create cherished memories. Immerse yourself in a world of fun activities, fostering a sense of belonging and personal development. Join our immersive adventure, nurturing personal growth and leaving you with lifelong skills and friendships.

Karate Class

Karate can help you feel stronger and better able to do daily activities. Karate is also known to help you feel better mentally and emotionally and can improve your overall quality of life. For people struggling with mental health problems such as depression or anxiety, Karate training can help reduce their symptoms.

Important Messages

I, K.S. Thiyagarajan, the Chairman of Kalashetra Matric Higher secondary school along with Mrs. Uma Thiyagarajan, Honourable Principal, Mr. Sabari Keerthirajan the Correspondent bow down our heads in salutation to all the Kalashetrians. Our trustees Mr. C.K Vasudevan, Mr. G. Kumar and Mr. Arun Kumar ,who have always been our pillars of support and back bone, have helped steer this school to perform with integrity and selflessness.

Kalashetra Matric Higher Secondary School was established in the year 1982 with the foundation of Sri Parthasarthy trust. What started off as a small institution in midst of an idyllic expanse of Kattupakkam, over the years has grown immensely and I am proud to inform that we are one of the most sought after school in the district.

Our strength lies in the four core values(integrity and ethics, respect, innovativeness, drive) on which our school stands and each day, each year, we resurrect these values into the heart and mind of every Kalashetrian. In the coming years, we will continue to be ignited with the value of ‘Pride in one’s heritage’ and nurture our heritage with care, responsibility and a deep sense of dignity. Understanding the various facets of our country, and taking pride in its uniqueness, will continue to drive us and share our responsibility towards our planet.

Valuing and displaying Integrity in thought, word and action will impel every individual of the school to be true to oneself. To have the courage to stand up for what is right and to accept mistakes with grace and positivity is how we will sow this value in the years to come as well.

Excellence is an attitude. We place high value in Inspiring excellence and will continue to instil in our children the right outlook to not run after success but to chase excellence in any and everything that they do. Sports, Art or Academics, the mantra that they need to follow is that they have to be better than what they were yesterday.

I foresee, through our school and its students, a world which values Sensitivity. Respect for nature and acknowledging how it serves us, and welcoming individual differences is and will be the main stay of our school.

I welcome you to partner together with me in fostering these values into our children, for they are going to Shake the Nation!

I extend my thanks to Almighty, supporters, well wishers, parents, Staff members and students who have lent their support to transform this institution into a commendable one.

With Prayers and Blessings of Almighty. K.S Thiyagarajan

I Mrs R. Uma Thiyagarajan would like to inform with a humble heart that it is truly an honour to serve as the principal of Kalashetra Matric Higher Secondary School. My mission as principal is to always put kids first! My belief is that all students can learn, and it is our job to support all of their needs. As educators, we need to discover how each child learns in order to differentiate our instruction to support diverse learning styles; all children are different. I also want all children to love school! My passion for elementary education as well as the enthusiasm of my staff will always be evident. In a collaborative effort, we want children to thrive in all ways possible.

Our school must be a place where students want to learn and have fun. I promise to provide a learning environment that is positive, safe, caring; a fun place to learn and grow. My goal is always to invest time in getting to know the students, parents, families, teachers, staff, and community members. My aim is also to provide our students the essentials needed for success in a safe and warm environment.

My message to all parents is to be involved. This can be accomplished by staying in contact with your child’s teacher. Our expectations will be to consistently make sure you are aware of your ward’s progress, and our view of the teacher is to answer any questions or concerns you have at any time.

My very competent team of teachers strive to focus on each and every child, monitor and mentor them, appreciate their achievement and encourage them to overcome their shortcomings. I urge all the teachers to create appropriate, meaningful and participative learning situations, inseminating life skills in the impressionable children and appreciating their smallest efforts with all generosity and broadness of vision.And as the cliché goes, last but not the least, I expect all my young students to focus on their cherished goals and strive hard to accomplish them transcending mediocrity and procrastinatio

 I Mr. T. Sabari Keerthi Rajan the correspondent of Kalashetra Matric. Hr. Sec. School feel proud to have two great visionaries as my parents. Following on their footsteps, I strive every bit to make their dreams come true. I envision a bright future for our institution, whose foundation is firmly laid. Being young, vivacity and innovativeness are my catchwords and I believe in doing novel things in a unique way. For an institution to achieve unprecedented success, its infrastructure is of utmost importance. Our school is well equipped with state of art infrastructure to meet the demands of the changing times. I am of the view that an institution is incomplete without communication. Our School’s Literary club, Language Labs and Soft Skill training are designed to bring out the best in our students.

My vision is that our students should not only be academically successful but also be confident to face the challenges of the world.

With you in the March towards success

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